Student Testimonials

“I am a retired federal agent.  This class was excellent and Mark would be an excellent firearms instructor and force continuum instructor.  Great handle on material.”
– Gil S., June 2017


“I am glad I attended the course.  It was well worth the time.  I walked out the course feeling that I am equipped with the laws for the state of TX.”
– Lorraine L., May 2017


“Fantastic class, very informative.”
– Danny C.,  January 2017


“Great class, good detail, and great presentation.”
– Brad G.,  January 2017


“Class was very well presented and was relaxed and enjoyable.”
– Tommie M., December 2016


“I will let me friends know about this class.”
– Khalid J.,  December 2016


“Mark is very knowledgeable and his presentation was excellent.”
– Patsy G., July 2016


“Excellent instructor and very in depth teaching. Very well done.”
– Scott C., July 2016

“Fantastic class.  Instructor was fun and very knowledgeable.”
– Kristin H., March 2016


“This class is not just about the laws, but a large focus on situational awareness and response.  Mark is a great instructor for any knowledge level!”
– Stacey C., March 2016

“Mark is a great teacher and is very knowledgeable.  I appreciated his opinions and views on the current laws and situations.”
– Kyle L., February 2016


“The class was well prepared and presented.  The pace of the course was sufficient to hold my interest and still cover the material.”
– Mark H., February 2016


“Found Mark to be informative and entertaining.  Would definitely recommend his class.”
– Sean C., February 2016


“Very practical instruction with no time wasted covering irrelevant material.”
– Jim, February 2016


“The class was conducted very well.  Mark was engaging and delivered the information in an easy to understand manner.”
John, February 2016


“Class was great!  Very knowledgeable instructor (Mark).  Will recommend to my friends!”
Matt M., February 2016


“Well laid out for my kids and me.  Mark did a good solid presentation of the responsibilities of firearms in our society!  Bravo!”
Jimmy M.,  February 2016


“Mark is a great instructor!  Well informed and easy to follow!”
Morgan M., February 2016


“Mark is a well informed instructor who exudes confidence and understanding in the firearm industry.”
– Ryan T., January 2016


“I highly recommend Mark Lessor CHL course.   He is very informative and makes you very comfortable.”
James G., January 2016


“Great instructor!  Highly recommend for anyone!  One price with no add-ons.”
– Scott C., January 2016


“Instructor was very thorough and covered the material in a manner that kept my attention.”
– Amy C., January 2016


“Mark is very down to earth and is informative of all the requirements of LTC.  He keeps you engaged throughout and the time flew by.”
– Phillip K., January 2016


“Enjoyed the information and discussion on situational awareness.  Very relevant to today’s world.”
– Tim W., December 2015


“Mark made the entire process easy and not intimidating.”
– Jenny W., December 2015


“Comprehensive information relevant to licensed handgun carrying.”
– Cass C.,  December 2015


“Excellent, informative class.”
– Marty S., December 2015


“I highly recommend this course for all CHL/LTC applicants.  Mark is very knowledgeable and thorough about all aspects of CHL laws and procedures.  He also offers great insight and recommendations based on his experience.”
– Joan S.,  December 2015


“Excellent instructor ; Carefully and professionally walks you through the entire process.”
– Ryan M., December 2015


“Awesome class – you get the training you need to be successful.”
– Kris M., December 2015


“Very educational and relevant. Fun too!”
– Gary R., December 2015


“Thank you for the great class – Nancy and I really did enjoy it. We thought it was going to be dreary, but you made it super awesome!!! Highly recommend it to anybody wanting to get a CHL.”
– Anonymous, October 2015


“Anyone can provide acceptable service when things are going as planned, but you learn a lot about a business when things go wrong.  My gun kept jamming, so I could not keep up with the exercises.  Mark was very patient and helpful, but it became evident that I was not going to pass the range qualification with the gun I was using.  He let me go with the second group using a borrowed gun.  He stopped to help several people, and we actually went over our time.  Classroom time was interesting and informative as well.  Definitely recommend this class!”
– Randi B., August 2015


“Mark provides a great learning environment.  Highly recommend this course!!”
– Michael M., August 2015


“Second time taking a CHL course.  This was by far the best.  (Old license expired).  Mark is entertaining as well as informative.”
– Joe H., August 2015


“Informative – enjoyable”
– Jan H., August 2015


“Great class!”
– Shannon G.,  August 2015


“Mark is awesome!  Loved this class!”
– Shelly F., July 2015


“Great presentation, full scope of valuable information relating to overall gun safety and CHL requirements.  Strongly recommend this course.”
– Tim C., June 2015


“The class was informative and taught with a common sense approach and a good touch of humor.  The time went by quickly.”
– Priscilla S., May 2015


“Very good course and information.”
– Charles S., May 2015


“Was very energetic and knowledgeable.  Took time to answer any questions.”
– Kenneth H., April 2015


“The CHL class gave me more understanding of the use of force and consequences.”
– Rachel S.,  April 2015


“Informative and interesting.  Material well presented.”
– Fred W., January 2015


“Great class, location, and price.  Mark was a great instructor.  Will recommend to friends and family.”
– Steve W., January 2015


“Good balance of information, provided important information throughout, not boring.”
– Clark L., November 2014


“Informative and a pleasure.  Would recommend the class for any new or seasoned gun owner.”
– Jason W.,  September 2014


“Mark has a very easy way of presenting a very complicated and important class”
– Mickey F.  August 2014


“Mark does a really good job of conveying information from a citizen’s perspective, with enough humor and diversity to keep the audience engaged.”
– Anonymous February 2014


“I discovered Mark’s class by accident,but I’m glad I did. I had taken a CHL class several years ago and was expecting a similar experience, but I could not have been more wrong. Mark’s class is excellent. He presents all material as it can be applied to real world situations. He is an excellent instructor. Classroom and shooting range experiences were topnotch. All material presented was relevant and stayed on-point. Classroom or shooting range, Mark puts the student at ease. I have no doubt be has to be the best CHL instructor in the DFW area.”
– Marshall V.  December 2013


Awesome class, not boring like I thought it would be.  Very education!!!
– Ernesto I.    December 2013


Very straight forward information with easy, understandable presentation.
– Victoria F.  December 2013


Great class!  In depth but relates to real world scenarios!
– Ryan  December 2013


Great class!  Mark truly cares about the subject and is always happy to answer my questions.
– Blake R.  October 2013


So excited and I enjoyed this so very much.  Would recommend to everyone.  Thanks Mark!
– Sam P.  August 2013

I thought the CHL class I took 6 years ago was good, but Mark’s class went above and beyond with his information and attention to detail.   I learned so much more than I ever expected. Awesome job!
– Brandon C.   August 2013


I can’t recommend Southlake CHL enougn, especially for women who want to carry but are not sure if it is right for them. Mark makes the whole process very comfortable and not intimidating at all.
– Shannon T.  June 2013


Thanks Mark. Your class was really more than I had expected. There’s so much information and you delivered it in a manner that made it easy for me to process.
– Michael H. March 2013


Loved the class.  Stays on schedule.  Conducted in a safe and informative manner.   Would recommend to everyone I know.
– Elliott B.   February 2013


Mark is a great instructor.   Class information flowed well.
– Corey S.  February 2013


Mark L. was a very good CHL instructor who was interesting plus informative. He did not focus on war stories but offered specific examples based on actual incidents reported. Mark taught the CHL course with legal responsibility for discharging a weapon and concern for safety of innocent bystanders.  Mark maintained a safe environment at the range and kept a close eye on his students safety plus the safety of others while we were qualifying at the range. If you are interested in obtaining a new license or renewal you will want to look at Southlake

 – Gwen    February 2013


Great class and discussion with just the right amount of humor mixed in.
– Sid   February 2013


Great class, learned a lot of things I only thought I understood prior to the course.
– Jason February 2013


Class was very informative and entertaining.   The time went by quicker than expected.
– Matt  January 2013


– Excellently taught class and great range experience.  Thank You!
– Chad V.  December 2012


I learned plenty and was not bored.  I liked the classroom location and the firing range even though it was a little muddy.  Mark is a professional and thoughtful teacher.  I’ll be using his services again.
  – Jeff  H.  December 2012


Outstanding class!  Learned a great deal.  Definitely would recommend class to friends.
  – Chad  B.  December 2012


Great instructor – provided an enjoyable & informative class.
  – Darin T.   December 2012


Mark did an excellent job.  He clearly as a passion for firearm safety.  I would recommend this class to everyone.
  – Dave C.   December 2012