Range Qualification

The qualification consists of firing a total of 50 rounds using a specific course of fire.  To pass the range qualification,  a student must score 70%  (175 points out of a possible 250 points).  Optical enhancers such as lasers, red dot sites, or scopes, are not permitted by Texas DPS administrative code.

Following step by step directions from the range officer, students progress through each stage starting by firing a total of 20 shots from the 3 yard line, moving back to the 7 yard line to fire 20 shots, and finally 10 rounds fired from the 15 yard line.

All shots are fired on a  B-27 target.

Targets will be green, red, black or blue.

Hits inside the 8, 9, 10, and X rings are 5 points.

Hits inside the 7 ring are 4 points.

Hits on the silhouette outside the 7 ring are 3 points.

Hits outside of the shaded silhouette are 0.

Hits that miss the target entirely are 0.

Rounds not fired due to expired time / malfunction are 0.