Private LTC Class

Private LTC classes are available and can be scheduled and tailored to meet your unique needs should you prefer individualized instruction to attending our regularly scheduled public classes.

Perhaps your schedule makes it difficult to attend a weekend class.  Perhaps you’re concerned about privacy and avoiding others in your community know that you’re obtaining a license.  Or maybe you are just brand new to shooting and would be more comfortable with one-on-one instruction.    Whatever your reason, we can customize a class to meet your needs.

If you are new to shooting, we can spend additional time at the range prior to qualification.  You’ll get first hand experience on how to load, unload, and operate your handgun.  You’ll learn safe gun handling and the principals of marksmanship including stance, grip, site picture and site alignment, breath control, and shot follow through.

If you haven’t yet decided on which handgun to purchase or carry, we can discuss options based on your preferences for size, weight, capacity, complexity to operate, manner of dress, and desired method of concealment.

Private LTC instruction covers all required course material and meets all Texas DPS requirements for class duration, written exam, and range proficiency demonstration.

Per person pricing for a private LTC classes is dependent on the size of your group.  All pricing is inclusive of class and range fees.  Prices do not include ammunition, application fees paid to the State of Texas, or electronic finger printing.
– 1 person = $500
– 2 people = $520
– 3 people = $540
– 4 people = $560
– 5 people = $580
– 6 people = $600
– 7 or more –  Public class pricing applies.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss a private LTC class.