Don’t forget the carry part of concealed carry

I seem to have this conversation from time to time. I highly recommend that people with a CHL carry as often as they possibly can. I know there may be places you need to go that prohibit carry, but I think that in general, there is also a fatigue factor involved. People fall out of the habit of carrying when they head out their door.

The response I sometimes hear is “I only carry it when I’m going somewhere I think I’m going to need it.”

My first response is always:
1) Bad things can happen any time or any place. How do you know when you are going to need it? And
2) If you know you’re going to need it, why on earth would you still go there?

But in all seriousness, a gun that isn’t with you isn’t going to be of any use to you. Are there other factors that keep you from carrying?

– Is your gun an appropriate size and weight for your tolerance to these factors? Small guns may result in more felt recoil when fired but big and heavy guns are big and heavy all of the time.

– How are you carrying (IWB, OWB, shoulder holster, ankle holster, bra holster, etc.)? Would another option work better for you?

– Do you have a quality holster and belt that protect your skin from sharp edges and distribute the weight of your setup without discomfort or fatigue?

– Would a change to your wardrobe be an option to get a more comfortable setup?

The only gun that can help you is the one that is with you when you need it. If it is at home or left in the car, it isn’t likely to be available should you ever need it.

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