Texas CHL renewal and classes

Among the many changes that became effective on September 1, 2013 pertaining to the CHL program, two are of particular significance:

  1. CHL renewal no longer requires attending a class
  2. New license class length has been reduced to 4-6 hours plus range time


On the surface, the change to eliminate a renewal class sounds attractive and convenient to most CHL holders.  However, I encourage those who have a CHL to attend a class even if not required to do so for renewal.   First, the Texas legislature meets every odd numbered year so typically the Texas laws pertaining to the CHL program and weapons related statutes have the opportunity to change twice during your license term.  It isn’t too long before a CHL holder can be operating on some outdated information.    Secondly,  the range portion of the CHL class provides the shooter with evidence that they have recently demonstrated proficiency with a handgun.

So, while it is no longer mandatory to attend a class to renew a CHL, I do think it’s a wise idea to take a refresher course.  You’ll be current on changes to the law and maintain a record of your training history.   That’s a good investment of a few hours of your time in my opinion.

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