Texas CHL Eligibility Requirements

I received a call from a person interested in getting a LTC. He asked if a misdemeanor conviction 7 years ago would affect his eligibility. The answer is that it depends. While in general a misdemeanor conviction from over five years ago (or 7 years if the person was already a LTC holder at the time) would not preclude a person from getting approved for a LTC, the Texas LTC eligibility rules include this requirement:
“(9) is fully qualified under applicable federal and state law to purchase a handgun;”

This means that if federal laws preclude you from purchasing a handgun, then Texas isn’t going to issue a permit for you to carry one. The things that would make a person ineligible to purchase a firearm under federal law include conviction for domestic violence or a Class C simple assault conviction.

Bottom line is that if you can’t purchase a firearm under federal laws, Texas isn’t going to issue you a license to carry one. And since the fees paid to the Texas DPS to apply for a LTC are non-refundable, it’s better to review the eligibility requirements and decide if you think you are eligible before you plunk down the money for the application and/or LTC class.

Texas DPS doesn’t “pre qualify” and answer if you meet the eligiblity requirements before you apply and pay the application fees, so use this link to the Texas LTC eligibility statute.

As always, I am not an attorney. This is my personal interpretation of reading the Texas government code GC411.172. If you have specific questions about your eligibility, you should consult with your attorney.

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