Appropriate Range Attire for Shooting Safety

I was asked today why most CHL classes have a “dress code” for the range. The eye and hearing protection seem obvious but a lot of people ask about the hat, closed shoes instead of sandals or flip-flops, and shirts with collar or at least no loose-fitting collar.

I’m certainly not the “fashion police” and the answer is quite simply, safety. Hot brass from you or the shooter next to you can be uncomfortable if it ends up down the front or back if your shirt or between your toes. But the real concern is how people react to hot brass against their skin. Flailing about wildly trying to remove the hot brass while you have a gun in your hand is unsafe for the shooter or anyone around them. We avoid demonstrations of the “hot brass dance” by requiring shooters to wear appropriate protective clothing while we’re at the range.

That spent brass from your gun or the shooter next to you can easily end up going down the front or back of your shirt, get lodged between your glasses and face, or end up between your toes. At an indoor range your own brass can bounce off a wall or partition and land right back on you.

Keep brass from getting under your glasses by wearing a hat. Wear a shirt with a collar or at least avoid v-necks or loose or low-cut shirts. Don’t wear sandals, flip-flops, or any type of footwear that would enable a spent casing from contacting your foot.

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