How often do Texas CHL and weapon related laws change?

The Texas state legislature holds a session each odd numbered year (2011, 2013, …) and in any given legislative session, there is at least the possibility that a law which pertains to the Texas CHL program will be revised.

After each legislative session, usually in October of each odd numbered year, the Texas DPS publishes a new revision of the booklet knows as the Texas Concealed Handgun Laws and Selected Statutes otherwise known as the LTC-16.

This handy reference guide is the best consolidated source of changes to penal code and government code which affects LTC holders.

As you may be aware, Texas LTC laws changed in September, 2013.  It is no longer necessary to take a renewal class.  While that may sound appealing on the surface, it means that after 5 or 10 years,  some CHL holders could be operating under obsolete information.

While I will post information about major changes to this blog to help you keep you current on new guidelines and program revisions, I suggest that you consider attending a CHL class every 5 years or so.   While it is no longer legally required to renew your license,  there’s certainly some benefit in getting a refresher and staying current.

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