Which states have reciprocity and honor my Texas LTC?

If you have a Texas LTC and are taking your firearm with you on a trip that takes you into other states, it is your responsibility to know which states will honor your license and the laws regarding carrying a concealed firearm in each state that you visit.

First, lets discuss the different types of arrangements between states.

  • A unilateral agreement is an arrangement in which Texas honors the license from another state, but the other state does not in turn recognize the Texas license.
  • A reciprocal agreement.  Texas honors the licenses issued by another state.  That state in turn honors those with a Texas license.  Be aware that some states honor a license only if the license holder is a resident of  the issuing state, meets a minimum age, or other state specific requirements.
  • No agreement.  Some states don’t honor the Texas license at all.   Perhaps these states don’t even have a license program of their own.

When preparing to travel across state lines, spend some time reviewing your route and the states which you will cross.   Then, determine which states will allow you to carry, or where you may have to stop, unload, and lock your firearm in the trunk.  There may even be jurisdictions where even an unloaded gun locked in your trunk may be unlawful.  If you have any doubt, consult legal counsel and the law enforcement agencies of the jurisdictions to which you will travel.   Remember that some cities and municipalities may have differing or additional restrictions from the state level laws (eg Chicago laws,  Cooke County, Illinois laws and Illinois state laws).  It is your responsibility to comply with the laws of the jurisdictions through which you will cross.

There are a couple of great resources that will help you with your plans.

Please keep in mind that some states only honor licenses from another state if you are a resident of the state.   For example, at the time of writing this article, Colorado honors Florida licenses BUT only if you are a resident of Florida.  This is just one more reason I encourage all Texans to get a Texas license instead of a license from another state.

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