What to do if your Texas LTC needs to be replaced or is lost or stolen

If you need to replace your Texas LTC due to a change of address,  a change to your name,  or if your license is lost or stolen, don’t delay taking care of the situation.  Failing to report a change of address within 30 days may result in suspension of your license.   Failing to report your license as lost of stolen within 60 days may also result in a suspension of your license.

I receive calls regularly about lost and stolen licenses, and the first thing to know is that a LTC class instructor such as myself can’t help you replace a lost or stolen license.  You need to contact the Texas DPS as soon as you can to report the situation and request a new license.  You can NOT carry while you do not physically have a license with you.

To get a replacement license, go to https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/ltc/ and sign in under the “returning user” on the right hand side.  Select the option for a lost or stolen license.  Complete the web form and remit your payment.  Texas DPS will print and mail the new license to you.


If you can’t use the online option, you can download this LTC-70  form from the Texas DPS site, complete the form, and mail the completed form and payment to the address at the top of the form.  The form contains the schedule of fees.   You do not need to send in photographs or finger prints.   Texas DPS will have these items on file.

Please note that your replacement license will have the same expiration date as your previously issued license.  This is not an alternative to renewing your license if it is nearing expiration.

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