Change a revolver only NSA Texas CHL to a semi-auto SA license

July 2013: Please note that this information below is no longer applicable.  The Texas 83rd legislature has removed the distinction previously made to classify CHL as SA or NSA.   Now a CHL can qualify with and carry either type of handgun.

I was asked today by a gentleman who has a Texas CHL that is NSA (non semi-auto) what he needed to do to change the class of his license to a SA (semi-auto) so he could carry either his revolver or a semi-auto.

If you have a valid NSA license and want to change it to an SA license, you will need to perform the CHL range qualification with a CHL instructor.   The instructor will  complete the range portion of the Certificate of Training Form (CHL-100) as evidence that you have successfully passed the range qualification (70% or higher) with a semi-auto.

Complete a Request to Update or Replace Concealed Handgun License or Modify Handgun Action Type form also known as the CHL-70 form.   Indicate on the form the request is to modify the license action type.

Attach a signed Photo ID holder  known as a CHL-6 form.   You must sign the Photo ID holder.   You can enclose new photos for your new SA license if you wish.  However, you may also write on the margin of the form “please use drivers license photo”  or “please use current CHL photo.”    In either case, be sure to sign the Photo holder in the signature box.

Mail these items together to the address on the CHL-70 form:
– The CHL-100 form from the instructor to show you demonstrated range proficiency
– The CHL-70 form showing what you want to change (license action type)
– The signed CHL-6 Photo ID holder form
– Fees shown on the CHL-70 form in a check payable to “Texas Department of Public Safety”
– Optional:  New photos

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