Finger grooves on your concealed carry pistol grip

I’ve noticed a trend that more and more manufacturers are including grips on their handguns which have built in finger grooves.  That seems to be the case with both revolvers and semi-autos.  It spans from current generation Glocks to S&W revolvers.

The idea of finger grooves sounds fine in theory.  When you go to grip the pistol, the finger grooves are supposed to help you get a consistent and secure grip.   That may be true for some people who have hands that are sized just right for a particular set of grooves.  The grooves are designed for people with “average sized hands.”   And of course, who among us has average size hands?

If you have hands smaller than the average the grips will  awkwardly spread your fingers.  And if your fingers are bigger than the grooves, it creates an awkward and uncomfortable fit.

I think that the manufacturers mean well, but if I compare pistols where the old models don’t have finger grooves (Glock Generation 2) to the ones that do have the finger grooves (Glock Generation 3 and 4) I personally find them to be much more comfortable without the grooves.   I’ve also notice a few custom pistol smiths are offering a service to remove the grooves for you.  Clearly I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for the grooves.  Maybe it’s just me, but one size fits all rarely does fit all.

I much prefer a grip that has deep texturing that enables good traction.  This way regardless of your hand size, sweaty palms, wet and rainy conditions, or slippery mess, you can still get a firm grip.

As with all things related to firearm selection, your mileage will surely vary.  But when you pick up a pistol and try to decide if it feels “right” in your hand, take a look at whether or not the grip has finger grooves and judge for yourself how it affects the feel.

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