Cheap targets for shooting range practice

If you are lucky enough, you may have land where you can shoot outdoors and have reactive targets from jugs of water to fruit that is past its prime.  However, when you head to a firing range, you may get a target or two with your admission and end up having to make a purchase of targets from the endless variety of options available.   There are websites dedicated to targets that you can download and print for free or for a fee.   There are literally thousands of specific purpose target patterns to suit your exact needs.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on paper targets that you’re only going to poke holes into, try using paper plates.  You can get a hundred of them for a buck or two and the large paper plate is an appropriate size for practicing at typical pistol distances.   You will also find that not having a pattern on the target helps you focus on just hitting the target and not seeking to hit the perfect bullseye.

Self defense shooting is about quickly getting shots on target that are “good enough.”    Spending a long time taking precise aim isn’t really the name of the game.  Paper plates will help you focus on getting your shots on target quickly and without breaking the bank.

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