Using Your Drivers License Photo on Your Texas CHL

At one time, all CHL applicants were required to submit two passport quality photo IDs with their CHL application materials.  However, DPS determined that a number of CHL applications were being rejected due solely to unusable photos.  This includes photos that didn’t show the top of the applicant’s head, photos where the applicant was wearing glasses, or the photo quality simply was not sufficient for identification.

This caused a number of letters back to applicants requesting new photos and left thousands of applications pending.  This not only extended the amount of time it took people to get their CHL, it also created a cost and a paperwork nightmare for DPS to store all those in-progress applications until a good photo was received.

The DPS regulatory services then switched to using a photo if you include one with your submission.  However, if you didn’t submit a photo, or the photo you submitted was unusable,  the DPS tried to use your Texas drivers license photo if you have a current Texas DL.    The DPS only has access to Texas DL photos so you must submit valid photos if you didn’t have a Texas drivers license.

Today, CHL applicants with a valid Texas drivers license should not submit a photo.  Your drivers license photo will be used on your CHL.  If you do not have a Texas drivers license or photo ID,  then you must submit photos along with a CHL-6 form with your application submission.  If you have to submit photos for your license, you can get them from MorphoTrust when you are there for your electronic fingerprinting, have photos taken at a CVS or Walgreens, or you can provide your own photo.  Be sure your photo is acceptable – no side profiles, remove glasses, top of head in the picture, etc.

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