Southlake CHL discussion on ammo selection

I’ve been asked whether there is a difference between inexpensive target ammunition and more expensive personal defense ammunition.   The answer is a resounding YES.   Target or practice ammunition is designed to be low cost and allow you to get repetition and experience for the least amount of money.

Here is what you typically get with that defensive ammo:

– A hollow point designed to expand on impact rather than pass through the target. This not only is more effective at stopping an assailant but at helping reduce the risk of injuring anyone behind an assailant.

– Low flash powders to reduce the bright flash to prevent blinding yourself if you fire in darkness.

– Nickel cases that aid in smooth cycling and reduce the risk of feeding/cycling jams

There are many quality defense products out there and generally speaking, they are worth the extra cost over target or practice ammo. However, you should always verify that your firearm properly cycles the more expensive personal defense ammunition.   Practicing with what you carry would be ideal, but it isn’t always cost effective.  You do at least need to verify your expensive defense round cycles and fires properly in your carry firearm, or you defeat the entire purpose of carrying it.

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