The trouble with travel

While fortunately states that neighbor Texas do honor the Texas CHL license through reciprocity agreements, the individual who travels across state lines must be aware of the laws of the jurisdiction to which they travel.   Each state has their own rules and restrictions on carry and of course these are subject to change any time a state’s legislature is in session.

One interesting example is that a Texas CHL enables a person to carry any number of handguns as long as they remain concealed.  If you want to keep a gun in your waistband, one in your pocket, one in your purse, and two ankle holsters you are in good shape.   However,  our neighbor to the west, New Mexico allows a license holder to only carry one handgun at a time.

We will cover some examples of this is our CHL classes but it is ultimately your responsibility to keep current on the laws of the jurisdictions to which you travel.   There are a number of websites, booklets, and even smart phone apps that can be used to keep current on changes.  However, I would recommend consulting the Department of Public Safety for the states to which you travel to ensure you are using an official information source.

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